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Delta Theta Lambda Presidents


The Chapter Presidents

  1. Brother George O. McCalep

  2. Brother George H. Hobson

  3. Brother Ralph H. Lee

  4. Brother Harold F. Drake

  5. Brother Frank E. Lewis

  6. Brother Leander R. Patton

  7. Brother Richard A. Hubbard

  8. Brother W. Mingo Clark

  9. Brother Phillip L. Redrick

  10. Brother W. Mingo Clark

  11. Brother LeRoy Daniels

  12. Brother John W. Hall

  13. Brother Harold G. Dickerson

  14. Brother Army Daniel

  15. Brother George E. Jones

  16. Brother Robert Richardson

  17. Brother James O. Heyward

  18. Brother LeRoy Daniels

  19. Brother Harold Dickerson

  20. Brother Wilbert L. Brown

  21. Brother Christopher A. Evans

  22. Brother LeRoy Daniels

  23. Brother Alvin L. Odoms

  24. Brother Kirby Stevenson

  25. Brother Edward L. Jones

  26. Brother Van L. Strickland

  27. Brother Benjamin B. Long

  28. Brother Denver A. Betts, Sr.

  29. Brother Nedric P. Jones

  30. Brother David C. Points, Jr.

  31. Brother Robert Drake

  32. Brother Glenwood Norris

  33. Brother Ronald Childress

  34. Brother Henry S. Dickerson, Sr.

  35. Brother Jared Tarver *

(*) Designates current President.

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